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WUSA9 Features Startup Middle School (Luma Lab)

Partnership with Startup Middle School & Howard University Middle School featured on WUSA9

“One of the things I say to the kids is ‘right now you spend all this time on your phone and there is somebody else producing content for you to consume. Why don’t you create the content based on your own ideas for you to consume? You know what you want better than they do.'” said Saunders.

The whole project is the result of a non-profit called Startup Middle School. Patrick Gusman is the co-founder along with Aaron Saunders CEO Clearly Innovative Inc

“Right now, if you asked most of these kids ‘could you be the next Mark Zuckerberg? Could you be the next Bill Gates?’ They’d respond ‘no’ because they would not have seen the connections,” stated Gusman.

Thanks to Gusman’s creativity and Saunders’ experience, they are making those connections. It’s not just coming up with the idea, they even learn how to keep customers coming back by using something called push notifications in their app.

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