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Welcome to In3: The Inclusive Innovation Incubator Week of Welcome

The secret is out, it's been a long time coming and it's finally here: the Inclusive Innovation Incubator is opening and You, and You, and You are invited!

Not only are you invited to attend but desks are now open for reservation. Check them out here.

Now that we've finally found an appropriate use for our favorite Oprah gif and reference let's get to the fun stuff. What is the Week of Welcome? Well of course yes it's a week, a full seven days intended for welcome but you got all that from the title. Let's tell you exactly what that week has in store.

The Inclusive Innovation Incubator's Week of Welcome was a part of our big announcement at SXSW this year (you can see a blog post on that here). That's right, we went all the way to Austin, TX to tell the world that we've got something great in store for the District of Columbia.

Starting on April 17th through the 23rd we'll be hosting 9am-9pm (and sometimes even later) events for free for the whole family! That's right we said the WHOLE family. We're excited to be offering youth programming through partnerships with local organizations that want to inspire DC's next generation of entrepreneurs as well as programs for first time and well seasoned entrepreneurs.

For our youth we're programming with the greats including Global Sleepover, TagLabs,and Dent Education.

Additionally, we're hosting panels, workshops, mentor sessions and keeping the doors open to all for FREE!

Some of our other patterns include Cisco, Deloitte Digital, Black Female Founders, HBCU Wall Street, Notion Theory, Innovators Box, SeedUps, Crowdie Advisors, Howard University's How U Innovate, and so much more.

Check out the Week of Welcome Here:

We believe that the best way to show you what we're all about is to have you come and #FindYourIn on your own terms. #ThisAintYaUnclesIncubator

Beside the fact that you love our Gif game and you want amazing programming why else should you attend In3WoW and invite your friends? Discounts!

Like we mentioned earlier early bird registration for Desk, Office, and Event space will happen everyday with exclusive prices for attendees of our Week of Welcome.

You can follow and post your excitement with the hashtag #In3WoW to be featured on our social media. If you're not already following check us out on Instagram and twitter @In3DC.

Can't wait until you're a part of our InCrowd. April 17th-April 23rd is not a week you want to miss! See you there!

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