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Thoughts on Luma Lab - Inclusive Innovation Incubator

I was recently invited to a meetup group to discuss my vision for the Inclusive Innovation Incubator here in DC. I am trying to get better at articulating a vision for something that seem so abstract this early in the process.

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser stated the following in the original announcement regarding the space.

the hub aims to “complement incubators that already exist” in D.C. with its unique focus on underrepresented entrepreneurs. The companies that occupy the space won’t just be about creating the latest app — they’ll be interested in exploring “how to use innovation as a tool to help the underserved.”

My current thoughts are in this post on Medium, and the team at Luma Lab along with committed partners have been working to find a way to make this vision a reality regardless of the potential challenges we have faced.

Need more info on Luma Lab?

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