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The Inclusive Innovation Incubator (In3) and “Pathways To Inclusion” In Washington DC

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On November 30th 2017 Mayor Bowser and DMPED released the “Pathways to Inclusion” report on the current state of inclusion in the tech economy in Washington DC. Almost a year ago the Mayors office took the first step in towards the creating the opportunity for some of the objectives of the report by partnering with Howard University to look for an operator of an incubator space on Howard University Campus. Luma Lab the education arm of Clearly Innovative Inc was selected to be the operator of the space and has recently announced the creation of a non-profit called “Luma Innovation Foundation for Entrepreneurship” to support this program and other programs focused on diversity and inclusion in technology and the innovation economy.

For the District of Columbia to remain on the cutting edge of tech entrepreneurship, it is critical to grow an inclusive ecosystem that welcomes and leverages diverse ideas and taps into new markets. 

— from “Pathways To Inclusion Report”

Here at Clearly Innovative/Luma Lab, we have the support of the Mayor’s office and Howard University in focusing on our goals of providing support for underrepresented entrepreneurs and small business owner in the district who are looking to improve the outcomes of their entrepreneurial endeavor. The new space called the “Inclusive Innovation Incubator” or In3 has goals that are aligned with multiple objectives in the report and we believe with the support of Howard, the Mayor’s office and the entire business community of Washington D.C we can all contribute to the overall success of the region.


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