Make Tech Innovation More Convenient: A Recap of Venture DC 2015

Late last month, our DC SYEP intern Martia Simms-Beard attended Venture DC 2015 with our CEO Aaron K. Saunders who spoke at the event and though it’s been a month since the empowering event, the message behind it still resonates as meaningfully as ever.

Here is Martia’s recap of the event, some of Aaron’s comments and a look into why programs like Luma Lab are so crucial to communities of color achieving greater economic prosperity.

Make Innovation Convenient For The Communities You Seek To Empower

Venture DC 2015 is a voluntary event coordinated by eight students to encourage entrepreneurship and technology innovation within Washington DC’s Ward 7 and Ward 8. The event took place on July 31st at the DC R.I.S.E Demonstration Center.

Unfortunately, very often those who reside “east” of the river are perceived as underexposed, not business-savvy, and as consumers as opposed to creators. This negative stigma reinforces untrue stereotypes, among those who live outside of these communities, in addition to making those who live within the community feel subordinate. The mission of Venture DC is to address these misconceptions in a straightforward way. Venture DC welcomed investors, local entrepreneurs who are looking to start businesses within wards 7 and 8, and an established panel of guest speakers who are successful entrepreneurs and have expertise in technology.

Clearly Innovative CEO Aaron K. Saunders