Luma Lab: Mastering the Art of "The Pitch"

This week at Kramer Middle School Luma Lab is tackling the art of the pitch.

First things first, what is a pitch and why is it important? A pitch is the verbal composition of why a product or idea is worth investing or supporting. It’s any creator’s opportunity to convince someone else that what they’ve made is valuable, and that’s important because an idea without investment is merely just an idea.

Introducing our students to pitching went a little something like this:

“Tell me what makes your idea awesome?”

First silence and then a few audible “I don’t know’s.”

“Well, then, tell me what makes you an expert in what you’re building your app around?”

More silence. If you’ve never sat in front of a class of silent middle schoolers it’s akin to walking into a room well after an event has started and having everyone turn and acknowledge your tardiness without a peep. This moment was our cue for a change of tactics.

“If you were having a basketball tournament and Steph Curry walked in and said he wanted to be on your team, what would he have to say to convince you that he deserved a spot?”