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Luma Lab Closes Spring Semester, Looks Forward to Summer!

It feels like Summer!

Luma Lab said a sad farewell to the last academic year cohort of the Spring 2017 Semester.

We spent our day yesterday doing some of our favorite things: pitching, learning, laughing and talking about technology with DC’s best and brightest young minds.

The College Success Foundation HEROS students showed up and showed out with pitch projects that were both innovative and inspiring.

Our junior high Luma Lab participants used their lives as a roadmap for success by solving community problems they held near and dear to their hearts.

The students conceptualized and presented ideas from an app that connects students to paid chores in the community to an alarm clock that challenges and stimulates your mind to an app that introduces people to DIY projects and life hacks.

With clear, crisp wireframes designs, our students demonstrated not only their creativity but their ability to research as their comprehensive presentations included the cost of development, a project timeline and their ideas for growth both nationally and internationally.

After some tough scoring and deliberation, judges selected a single winner who was awarded an Amazon tablet while all participants were showered with In3 swag and snacks. Ultimately it was the Luma Lab and CSF that took away the biggest prize: there is truly nothing more rewarding than planting seeds of innovation in our youth and watching them germinate and blossom.

Thank you to the Kramer Middle School staff, our incredible teacher Ms. Cassie, the CSF support team (especially Ms. Markita) and all the students for their continued commitment to overcoming obstacles, trying new things and letting technology be their tool for creation.

The academic year is over, but the Summer fun is just beginning! Stay tuned for what Luma Lab has in store in the coming months!

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