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Interning At Clearly Innovative: Week 4

Week 4 of my internship at Clearly Innovative continues a positive trend of valuable learning experiences at a DC tech company!

I spent a large chunk of my time assisting with Clearly Innovative’s tech education arm, Luma Lab, at the Georgetown Day School summer camp. This week was special because campers participated in a Pitch Day on the final day of the camp. Friends, family and a judging panel were all invited to hear each groups presentation covering their mobile app ideas. As the event emcee, I can definitely say that the entire occasion was a success!

Family and friends gathering at the first Luma Lab Pitch Day of 2015. Image courtesy of.

This past week was also filled with a few more special events. Fellow Clearly Innovative intern Martia Simm-Beard and I were tasked with managing and leading the production of a new mobile product. Usually, individuals and companies approach the Clearly Innovative team with app ideas or other digital solutions that they need. However, every so often the Clearly Innovative team decides to embark on an in-house project, such as 411Eats this past winter. The team has decided to create another digital product this summer, under the lead of Martia and myself. The details of the product are to be kept secret for now, but each week we will be presenting updates on our progress to the Clearly Innovative team.

An example of anconceptualized and created by the Clearly Innovative team.

Lastly this week, Martia and I had the special opportunity of conversing with Clearly Innovative’s Senior Account Manager, Jill Roberts. Jill gave us the inside scoop on how she manages leads and projects for the team. I definitely learned a lot from Jill’s answers to my questions, and was surprised to hear about her world-travelling stories as well as how she has managed to succeed in the tech industry, as it was not her first career choice.

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