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Inclusive Innovation Incubator Team & Parents Statement Regarding NASA OPSPARC Challenge

Please see the Inclusive Innovation Incubator (In3) Team Coaches & Parents Statement

S3 Team at In3

We are proud of the scholarly accomplishments of all the student participants.

While it is unfortunate that some individuals attempted to inject negativity into this friendly high school competition, we only see positive outcomes for all the student participants.

The ladies are ecstatic about the experience and opportunity the NASA challenge provided.

While it is true they had amazing community support in the popular public voting, the challenge is focused on the delivery of the scientific exploration.

NASA however ultimately decides the overall winner based on a scientific rubric and the content of each project.

Win or lose - the girls met their goals and will wish the final winner congratulations.

All of the top finalist are winners for their commitment to education and STEM.

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