Inclusive Innovation Incubator's Grow and Glow: Starting Your Business Workshop Series

This is a guest post from Rahel G, Strategic Advisor to Inclusive Innovation Incubator and Grow & Glow Program Lead.

On March 24th 2020 Mayor Bowser announced the closure of all Washington DC Non-Essential businesses and prohibited large gathering due to COVID19. Aaron Saunders, the CEO of In3 DC called me to discuss the Grow & Glow program. As a father of 4 girls, husband of a professional woman, and brother of 3 sisters, these programs are dear to him. The ‘Grow & Glow’ program consists of women-focused panel discussions as well as women based seminars. In addition, Cocktails & Connection events are mainly for women to network with the intent to build linkages and establish work relationships that allows them to grow together. Lastly, the Grow & Glow workshop offers a condensed version of the Inclusive Innovation Labs program session, “Starting your Business”.

Since its launch in 2019, the Inclusive Innovation Incubator (In3) Grow & Glow program’s objective has been to host at least one component of the ‘Grow & Glow’ program every month. The ‘Grow & Glow’ goal is to provide women a platform to share, exchange, connect and learn from one another in addition to accessing services catered towards women professional or entrepreneurial needs.

Aaron and I brainstormed about the scheduled March 2020 ‘Grow and Glow’ workshop. Given the large In3 physical space, should we still have it on site with limited number of participants by implementing the 6 feet distancing rule? Should we teach it online? Should we try to work through the Beta App of In3Grow and see how we can execute it in a timely manner? We continued the discussion after thinking it through over the weekend, and on Monday, we agreed we should teach the workshop virtually using Google Meet, just as he converted the TheFutureIsWritteninCode (FiWiC) classes  . We said perfect! Our ultimate goal is continue to meet the Inclusive Innovation Incubator’s objectives to support underrepresented entrepreneurs. At the end of the sessions, we received positive feedback our participants. Below are a few noteworthy comments.