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Inclusive Innovation Incubator: In The News

Our CEO Aaron K Saunders was interviewed for this article to provide his perspective on the value of inclusive spaces for people of color to learn, grow and excel. To walk into a room and know there is a high likelihood to see someone that looks like you and might have similar experiences as you.

Enter the black-owned co-working space.

At least 56 of these spaces have popped up in urban communities around the country over the last decade with a particular focus on inclusive innovation, community building, and safety for black patrons. That’s a small fraction of the over 4,000 co-working spaces that exist in some form across the country, supporting over 500,000 freelancers, startup companies, consultants, and emerging founders. According to experts at the Global Coworking Unconference Conference (GCUC), memberships at co-working spaces will double to well over a million, with physical co-working environments reaching over 6,000 nationwide by 2022.

Story by Sherrell Dorsey, please checkout her newsletter The Plug

See Full Story Here: The Rise of Black-Owned Co-Working Spaces

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