Inclusive Innovation Incubator has Launched the Inclusive Innovation Lab

In3DC: we are a community space for startups, technologist, entrepreneurs and creatives providing programs, services, offices and event space with an intentional focus on diversity and inclusion

Inclusive Innovation Incubator has launched the Inclusive Innovation Lab (IIL) to address the need of entrepreneurs with viable ideas. Our focus here is to provide the technical capital for under resourced entrepreneurs. This program will have a heavy emphasis on how you actually build the technology for your business leveraging the experience of Clearly Innovative Inc as programming partners.

The Inclusive Innovation Lab (IIL) is for under-represented entrepreneurs who seek to develop their ideas and have their startup idea incubated at Inclusive Innovation Incubator (In3). Participants shall receive business, sales and legal programming through a series of workshops. Participants will also receive technology support to better understand the requirements of building a technology-enabled or technology business, which will allow participants to plan appropriately their budget and their business model.

Upon completion of the program, an open desk and one-on-one consulting will be provided by Clearly Innovative Inc, a mobile and software company that provides software development services and technology educational programs.

To ensure participants have continuous support, the IIL shall provide mentorship matching for entrepreneurs and facilitate partnerships as well as collaborations to assist entrepreneurs bring their products to market. In addition, participants will benefit from networking best practices, mock interviews and mentorship opportunities with industry professionals.