In3Talks #16 - In3Talks Generations, TheFutureIsWrittenInCode Developer Days, In3DC Updates

The Transcript from the latest In3Talks Podcast Series

[00:00:00] Hello, this is Aaron Saunders. I'm here for In3 talks. I think this is an In3Talks, 15 that, we're talking about now, I'm a little bit of a different format today. This is, just going to be me talking , what you're going to see. In upcoming podcasts. So first thing is I'm going to start a new series called In3Talks generations.

[00:00:22] What that's going to be, it is going to be about specific topics, specifically around tech and , how. Different generations perceive it and the perspectives is going to come from my own family. I'm a 56 year old African American male, raised in a middle class family. I was brought up around technology, started coding in sixth grade , focused on tech very early on.

[00:00:47] I have a 16 year old son who brought up around tech because of me. Um. Very active in in tech, like most teenagers, and we're going to talk about how I see [00:01:00] tech and then kind of post some of the same questions to get an interesting perspective from him at 16 years old. I also have a eight year old daughter who started playing with an iPad.