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In3Talks #16 - In3Talks Generations, TheFutureIsWrittenInCode Developer Days, In3DC Updates

The Transcript from the latest In3Talks Podcast Series

[00:00:00] Hello, this is Aaron Saunders. I'm here for In3 talks. I think this is an In3Talks, 15 that, we're talking about now, I'm a little bit of a different format today. This is, just going to be me talking , what you're going to see. In upcoming podcasts. So first thing is I'm going to start a new series called In3Talks generations.

[00:00:22] What that's going to be, it is going to be about specific topics, specifically around tech and , how. Different generations perceive it and the perspectives is going to come from my own family. I'm a 56 year old African American male, raised in a middle class family. I was brought up around technology, started coding in sixth grade , focused on tech very early on.

[00:00:47] I have a 16 year old son who brought up around tech because of me. Um. Very active in in tech, like most teenagers, and we're going to talk about how I see [00:01:00] tech and then kind of post some of the same questions to get an interesting perspective from him at 16 years old. I also have a eight year old daughter who started playing with an iPad.

[00:01:09] You know, pretty much around the same time, gee, you know, I learned how to crawl and move around. She's extremely active in technology. She has a phone, she has an iPad. She works on a computer. She's trying to teach herself Java , through a actually a Christmas gift that she wanted. started playing Minecraft very early on with my son Bryce.

[00:01:29] now she's trying to teach, you know, she has some younger friends that she's trying to teach how to play Minecraft. . So she has kind of her own perspective on how she sees tech and our techs incorporate in her life. So the question is like, why does any of this matter? Here's why it matters.

[00:01:46] Because if you're an entrepreneur , you're a content creator , you're a business person, you know, understanding how, your target audience responds to technology, how they consume content , how

[00:02:00] they perceive the world matters. it's, I, I believe the fact that I have access to, you know, you know, not being rude, but you know.

[00:02:10] Different resources , and these age groups. I also have a 28 year old daughter. Hopefully I'll be able to get her to the kind of, you know, chime in on some of her perspective. She's also active in tech. She's a software developer. She games, she's in the NMA. she, I think she's writing her own graphic novel, but she has her own perspective too.

[00:02:28] And so, I think it'll just be interesting to see how, as I said, these different generations perceived tech. . And how it impacts their life.

[00:02:39] But as I was saying, as an entrepreneur, I think these are things that we should be looking at is, you know, if we want a product, service or good that's going to have legs, I.

[00:02:48] E. longevity and growth, we need to understand the different markets. and you know, how does a 16 year old perceive my product? And can I. Deliver a product that is continual individual can [00:03:00] be actually, let's step away from the product. Can I create a brand that a 16 year old can associate to so that as they grow that they will stick to my brand?

[00:03:09] Can I create a brand that a, eight year old can somehow associate two and , we'll stick with it and grow with it.

[00:03:20] we'll also talk a bit , people who follow me know that I'm really into gaming. You know, as I stated, my, all my kids' game. , I game also, there's certain games I play, there's certain games they play.

[00:03:30] we've had some chats about why they don't play some of the games I play. Why do they find the games that they play? Interesting. and then another more interesting point, which I touched on recently when I was talking to a business associate of mine is . The TV time, like both of my kids watch very little TV at this point.

[00:03:46] they are not getting content through kind of regular TV channels. The bulk of their time is spent , watching streaming channels through the Netflix, the Amazons, considerable amount of time on YouTube. Like it's just mind blowing. How much time is [00:04:00] spent watching content on YouTube? And these are things that matter as we kind of move forward , as business owners, as entrepreneurs, as content creators , to see how the next generation of leaders are perceiving the world.

[00:04:16] so that'll be something that we'll be covering in a series called, , in three talks generations. as for in three, what have we been up to? We have, as I stayed in many times for folks that follow me, where our goal is to expand I in three M multiple locations. we are working on identifying potential partners and investors and funding sources to allow us to expand to other locations the success that we are.

[00:04:48] Going to accomplish, we believe only can be found through community. And what I mean is a large community of diverse entrepreneurs, technologists and creatives , all being

[00:05:00] interconnected through or as part of the, in three community. And so somebody, you've seen the hashtag in three nation kind of thrown around and stuff that just something we're playing with.

[00:05:09] But the idea is that online. Offline brand presence of In3 in technology. , overall , coding through TheFutureIsWrittenInCode through our women's programs called In3 Grow & Glow through our business workshops and boot camps called, In3Labs. We focus on tech enabled businesses. And then the other big push is, In3Gaming where we talk about.

[00:05:36] The opportunities that exist in the gaming and eSports industry, which is booming. So, like I said, this is just kind of a short preview of what you'll see happening in some of the upcoming content this year. Hopefully it's something you find interesting. If it is, please like subscribe to this video.

[00:05:53] I mean, sorry, not video to this podcast. Please share it with your friends. Also, be certain to . Follow [00:06:00] In3DC on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Also YouTube. that is all under In3DC we try to keep it simple. ,

[00:06:07] this month , currently we're running some Python programming, free Python class.

[00:06:12] We have a unity gaming class, a unity gaming development. A class free class that we're going to be offering. And also VueJS the class that we are going to be offering. , we are working on a concept called ,FutureIsWrittenInCode Developer Days, which will be focused on the tech side of the tech industry.

[00:06:30] I E. the coding slash, developer, hopefully some panels, series of coding workshops. if you know any sponsors that are interested in, please have them ping me . And then of course this year we'll also have a kind of a shortened version of our in In3Labs. It'll be between 24 to 30 hours of programming this year as opposed to 48 we did last year.

[00:06:50] So , follow us, as I say at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram in three DC. Check out our website at

[00:07:00] Thank you very much for listening. Bye now.

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