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#FBF Recap of Luma Lab Tech Camp Week 2

Throughout the summer, our Luma Lab Summer Camp Facilitator, Tanya Allen, reflects on the progress of our Luma Lab Tech Camp students, the work our program focuses on and noteworthy highlights from the week before.

Boys & Girls Club of Greater Washington Clubhouse 6

I walked into the room and there was excitement everywhere! I was excited Luma Lab instructor Noah Heath was excited and the students were really eager too.

We started day one off with introductions, an overview of the Luma Lab curriculum, a review of the rules and expectations followed by some brainstorming discussions. As the week progressed, we walked around the room and listened to the group discussions, students really had great ideas about the needs of the community. The students talked about everything from hunger and homelessness to diabetes and sneaker designs. While some students tried to figure out how they would design an app that would be able to solve their problem, one group that comes to mind is soaring with an excellent idea. I don’t want to give away too much information but this group titled AID that consists of 4 young men (they’ve added a member) have really grasped the concept and wants to help solve hunger in their community. I’m sure you will likely hear about them some day soon.

Boys & Girls Club of Greater Washington Clubhouse 14

Our young men in the group are setting the example for the class in their eagerness to understand digital product development basics like use cases. The students were able to identify major competitors in the current marketplace. These identifications are helping them to determine their possible future competitors. Students started working on their user personas and I must say the ones that I saw were looking pretty good.

Next Week

Clubhouse 6 will begin exploring competitors in the marketplace and developing solution statements for their apps while clubhouse 14 will prepare to welcome another tech industry video guest speaker on behalf of DreamWakers.

To learn more about Luma Lab and follow everything Luma Lab is up to, follow the hashtags #LumaLabSummer, #WhyLumaLab and follow Luma Lab on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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