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Members of Cohort 1 Of Inclusive Innovation Labs

Updated: Apr 6, 2019

Inclusive Innovation Lab (IIL) is new program providing support for entrepreneurs to make their tech enabled business ideas into reality.

Program winner will have the opportunity for Clearly Innovative Inc to build out a minimal viable project valued up to 15K in development costs**


Information on Inclusive Innovation Labs Pitch Day


Richard Johnson - GUNGO Co.

Business Solution: A logistics provider for companies in the moving industry, creating efficient pathways to provide greater access to consumers; leveraging their data and pricing structure to match with customers, as well as facilitate transactions to ensure best practices.

Learn more at and at


Ty Asfaw - EvolveGreen

Business Solution: Create a technology solution to increase recycling through easy connection between recycling companies and people generating the waste to create a circular economy.


Jason Gant - Every Single Day

Business Solution: Keep people active with exercising by using friendly competition.

Learn more at and via Instagram@esd_365.


Natasha Isler - 40mileradius

Business Solution: Bike Falcon is a resource providing real-time information to new and casual cyclists so that they can confidently ride making the best, safest bike commitments.


Evan Ward - Butler Personal Services

Business Solution: Personal laundry and dry cleaning delivery service


Krystin Hargrove - CoTripper LLC

Business Solution: We connect single-mom led families together for the purpose of joint family travel. We believe the social impact of increased in travel in these homes creates experiences that positively impact both parent and child.


Faith Dow - Nosh Around the World

Business Solution: Curating gourmet snack items from around the globe in one convenient package.

Learn more at


Charlene Hill Fadirepo - SmartChoiceNation

Business Solution: An online appointment booking app that makes it easier to find a financial advisor.


Kim Miller & Diana Moreau - Rufus

Business Solution: A collaborative network of video game creators. Our dedicated platform is designed to level the playing field to allow different types of games to be created while giving students the experience they need for the jobs they want.


Jamerus Payton and Torrence Reed - HBCU Movers

Business Solution: Making moves stress free while helping HBCU students to be debt free


Julian Dowell & Jack Tchantchuing - Coegi

Business Solution: Alleviating the burden of travel and time spent at retail brick and mortars from consumers, and working in partnership with corporations to create new revenue streams for retailers. Our service is the middle ground between online and retail shopping.


Ivin Hicks - AlterU

Business Solution: Leveraging technology to create smarter ways to connect Vets with resources tailored to their lifestyle that help them develop and advance their careers.


Rodney Jamison - Cottrey Consulting Group

Business Solution: I am building a multi-sided workforce platform that utilized AI and blockchain technology to provide the public sector a unique way to utilize expert freelance talent. .


Aubrey Yeboah - BatteryXchange

Business Solution: smart kiosks machines that allows cell phone users to use our application and connect to kiosks machines to rent a portable battery for their phone.


Denaise Seals - Media Savvy Transport

Business Solution: Digital media training that serves senior citizens where they are, comprehensively and logistically.

Learn more at


About the Inclusive Innovation Lab (IIL): Inclusive Innovation Incubator (In3) has launched the Inclusive Innovation Lab (IIL) to address the need of entrepreneurs with viable ideas. The Inclusive Innovation Lab (IIL) is for under-represented entrepreneurs who seek to develop their ideas and have their startup idea incubated at Inclusive Innovation Incubator (In3). Participants shall receive business, sales and legal programming through a series of workshops. Participants will also receive technology support to better understand the requirements of building a technology-enabled or technology business, which will allow participants to plan appropriately their budget and business model.

Upon completion of the program, accessibility to In3 open desk and one-on-one consulting will be provided by Clearly Innovative Inc, a mobile and software company that provides services and educational programs. The winner will gain 15k in kind services from Clearly Innovative Inc to build MVP of their technology.

More Information on Inclusive Innovation Labs is available at

Inclusive Innovation Labs Programming is Sponsored By:

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