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Clearly Innovative Inc - Mobile Application Workshop SlideShare No.1

Interested in mobile app development and how to approach building your mobile MVP?

Check out the SlideShare deck from our CEO Aaron K. Saunders’ first “So you want to build a mobile app?” workshop with DC Innovates.

Review this breakdown of:

  • Why go mobile first

  • Importance of UI/UX

  • Mobile development options

  • Web, Hybrid, Native

  • Pros/Cons of each

  • Why we use hybrid

  • Overview of options

  • Appcelerator

  • Ionic Framework

  • How we decide based on client needs

Mobile Application Workshop – So You Want To Build a Mobile App? from Aaron Saunders

Got an idea for a future workshop or interested in working with us to build a mobile app? Let’s Talk!

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