CEO Aaron Saunders hopes to bring DC's resources together at In3DC to Increase Inclusive Innovat

This is an excerpt from an article by Mikhail Klimentov posted in the Renewal Project. The complete article can be viewed here.

Tech insiders often describe the industry as a meritocracy, where the most innovative thinkers rise to the top and the others fall by the wayside, regardless of background or demographics.

But the data paints a different picture.

Ninety-five percent of entrepreneurs and 97 percent of venture capitalists are white or Asian, according to a report from the National Bureau of Economic Research released in January. And since entrepreneurs tend to invest in their friends and those like them, hiring often leads to more white and Asian entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. Not a meritocracy, but a mirror-tocracy, as entrepreneur Mitch Kapor calls it.

Aaron Saunders, the CEO and founder of Clearly Innovative, a D.C.-based software development firm, and Luma Lab, a tech education and mentorship program, is seeking to change the trend. He thinks he may have his hands on a solution to tech’s diversity problem.