Black History Month: DC man leading the way in innovation, problem solving in the digital space

Below is a recent post from Fox 5 DC News profiling me and the work I am doing supporting entrepreneurship and technology training and support in the DC area. I am proud of the piece and honored that I was selected to be included in the piece. The article focused 100% of the time on Clearly Innovative Inc and did not touch on the non-profit I have started, and there was no mention the Inclusive Innovation Incubator which I am also the founder of.

This project, In3DC, is the second company I have started and I am committed to and proud of all of the work my team has put in to get us this far. I am proud of all of the support from the community so far and look forward to great things in the future.

I felt the need to make these statements to make it clear to folks I am 100% committed to this project and all of the people who have made this possible. Creating a space for technologist, creatives and entrepreneurs with an intentional focus on diversity and inclusion is something I feel is important to highlight throughout the year, but even more so during black history month

Excerpts from Black History Month profile from Fox5 News here in Washington DC.

Aaron Saunders has made it his life’s work to help those who are looking to boost their business and get ahead using digital technology. As P