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In3 Education

Our Mission

Creating a world where technology is approachable and people in every community can take a seat at the digital table as creators, innovators, and entrepreneurs. 

Adult Program

In3 Education hosts workshops and classes for entrepreneurs, tech innovators and the community at-large.  We provide participants with impactful, relevant learning experiences to advance their professional goals.


With course offerings ranging from the essential knowledge and tools needed to launch and grow a successful business, to immersive coding courses and hackathons, our classes are focus on the skills needed to succeed in the innovation economy.  We also offer classes and workshops focused on the development of soft skills such as networking and interviewing.  


As an added benefit to members of the Inclusive Innovation Incubator, we offer exclusive members-only classes and scheduled events including pitch competitions, panel discussions and access to mentoring and coaching from industry professionals.

Youth Program

Students in our youth program learn what it takes to become designers, developers, and entrepreneurs by solving community issues through technical and entrepreneurial skills we teach in the classroom.


Our uniquely designed In3 Education curriculum is taught to elementary, middle and high school students through after-school programs and summer camps.  Additionally, we offer “deep-dive” training and workshops for young adults committed to joining the innovation economy.


The program exposes our students to all facets of technology including lean startup principles, user experience, software development and product management.

Miles Temoney, Student and Innovator

I can truly say that Luma Labs has changed my life. They have opened so many windows of opportunities for me it's truly unbelievable. They gave me the knowledge that can really take me far as an, coding, wire framing and much more. Because of the team over at Clearly Innovative I aspire to be the next Steve Jobs and with their support I know I can do it.


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